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"That is a logical point," Tavaryn conceded, "But judging from the sounds, the batttle has already begun. Perhaps we may have to charge in and carve a swath. What say you Alriana?"


Tyrannus flashed back before the strike could hit him. "As I said too slow."

"Too slow for whom?"

It was too late and Tyrannus barely got away but with a burning sensation on his arm. Andros had managed to make his way to Komad after catching sight of Tyrannus flashing forward. He had his lightsaber out and was challenging Tyrannus. He said, "Too slow for you perhaps?"

Andros managed to sidestep and get next to Komad and he said, "Are you all right?"

Tyrannus growled and held his sword up.


"Yeah Sis. Just as long as you don't scratch the surface," Kalla's brother Andros stepped down the ramp. "It was easy to stow away despite Master Jun-la saying it was safer on board the Ackbar." He then motioned Iyav to follow him to where the med bay was and had him put Andorra on the bed.

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