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UPDATE: i promise chapter 2 will be up by the end of the week. ive got testing going on at school so i havent been working on nonacademic projects as much as usual. and i also have an important announcement: as many of you know, there are long delays between my writings. but i have another, original (albeit nonStar-Wars), story that i have been working on frivolously. i admit i have been placing most of my attention into that project (i do wish that many of you check it out in the Coruscant Entertainment Center). so after chapter 2 there will be an indefinate delay on this Republic Commando fic. i am no stranger to indefinate delays. my imagination knows no limits, so i have many ideas bubbling in my tiny mind, and i have more than just 2 stories. there are 2 others that i probably will not actually write out, but merely draw, and have been taking a break from for quite some time. so again: chapter 2 will be up by saturday, and after that there will be an indefinate postponing of the rest of this story. i am terribly sorry.

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