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Well, I just got it because I just found out it existed now on PC as well.

My marks are: First of, this can't be considered a GAME. Reason is, that a: you have NO control over the game aspect: your told to go "this way", "kill that", and at the end even "die here, like this!!!". Wha? Come on, if you cannot choose your path, why made the 'game'??? To me it looks more like a show-off of the bloody engine more, than it is a game. The story too, is very, well, clumsily made, imho.

b) The game play itself, is, as told, very uncontrollable. Whomever tested this game was either a super player, or a cheater. I died most of the time due to falling off ledges (in the hard mode), overstepping a combat move, ... Out of misery I retried in "normal mode".

For me personally, it was the worst spend money ever, I I so hope SW-TFU2 will be a LOT better, for their sakes!

More Kotor SP if you please...
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