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Kurt tossed a plasma grenade at a group of enemies, causing their bodies to go flying once it went off. He pulled out his rifle an began to go to work on the hordsemen. He quickly dove behind cover to reload his rifle. As soon as he popped up he was met with a sword coming towards his face. Kurt dove under this and shot the wielder in the face with his pistol. He started backing up when he noticed Komad and Andros taking on Tyrannus. This left the Blood King, which Kurt couldn't see at the moment. He crouched down on one knee and took aim at Tyrannus. He exhaled slowly before proceeding to fire his blaster rifle at Tyrannus.

Wrath nodded at Tonatius and did as he was told. He relaxed a bit once they finally got Andorra to safety. Seeing that his mission was complete, he saw no reason to stay here.

"Well you seem to have things under control here, I should probably go back and help the others unless either of you need me for something." Wrath said to both Kalla and Iyav.
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