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"It would be a good idea if you stayed. Plus we shouldn't leave the ground yet. If we hold here, we at least provide a means of escape for everyone else," Tonatius replied.

Andros had been checking the systems and came back with a report, "Most of the damage is minor and has been patched up by R4. A sort of defensive perimeter had been set up the moment everyone left the ship."

"Matton's work," Tonatius supplied. "We have a defense. We just have to hold it."


Tyrannus growled at his opponents but then smiled. He reached out with his hand and into it flew a rifle. He turned to the one who tried to shoot him and said, "Predictable of you."

Andros took the opportunity to try and get in a slash.

Tyranus promptly defended and went after Komad giving another blow and then about faced to give a nasty slash on Andros' arm. It was followed by a kick to one and a handle butt to teh other. It was too fast to be seen. Then as if adding insult to injury, he flung the weapon he had taken back at the soldier he had taken it from with all his might towards the soldier's knees.


Matton managed to make it to the fringes of the battle. He scanned the clouds trying to find Jun-la. He managed to spot Komad and Andros fighting the one who caused grief at Bastion. Even though they looked pretty beat up, they were holding their own. He looked and saw Republic and those wierdos he met before fighting until he came upon Jun-la. She was still alive and delivering a sting even though she was moving too fast to fully take in what she was doing.

Jun-la delivered a glancing blow to the Blood King who roared in frustration. She then brought her sword in a downward swipe only to have it hit his shoulder and not do anything. She backed away quickly to avoid being caught. What is this? The cuts I gave were superficial yet the more serious ones didn't even cut him. Why?

"Don't look so suprised," the Blood King said, "You of all peopel should know that those who truly love battle for battle's sake never die."

"If that were the case, then the Mandalorians would still be strong," Jun-la replied. She hid her heavy breathing well.

"Bah! They may relish war but they lose their resolve too easily."

"And I suppose you don't?"

"You really don't want the answer to that."

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