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Originally Posted by Firestone View Post
Well, you might like that mod, but our favorite guy turned into crap, with his 2 handguns instead of a bombingrun with electro binoculars and a powerful sniper-rifle that shoots at the speed of a machinegun!
That's one of the reasons why we prefer our oldie over the 2.2 version.

Do we need that unofficial v1.3 patch for our version, or is that the patch for the 2.2 one?
I don't particularly care for either, but it sounds like that was just a balance issue the author corrected. The unit you described sounds incredibly overpowered - and that is an error that should be (and apparently was) fixed. I interpreted the comment "i think that one is screwed" as meaning it was nonfunctional in some way.

You don't need the 1.3 patch for the 1.0 version, but that version will cause incompatibilities with older mods, because it is a side replacement mod rather than an add-on mod.
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