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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
Did you catch the error message in the BSOD..... if not what does windows log say happenned??

What card/drivers are you using ??

I'm using a GTX 260 with 196.21 drivers. Unfortunately this only seems to happen when I leave the program overnight, not during the day, so I miss the BSOD. The only reason I know it's a BSOD is because the error message told me it was. I'll try to copy-paste the windows log next time I get the issue.

Although my home didn't lose power, there was a storm a couple of days ago that left most of my town w/o power, and many have only regained it now. Perhaps the town's been trying to fix the power during the night, when most won't notice it being cut off, though that normally would just shut my pc off, not BSOD it and have it auto-restart. However, if I don't get the issue again, that might be the explanation.

On a positive note, I'm only about 6 or 7 days into folding, and I'm already at 95 WUs. The GPU client really is something. (I'd hook up my 2nd GPU too, but the FAQ seems to imply that you need a 2nd monitor, which I don't have.)

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