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Question So what do you knuckle heads know about camcorders?

So I am coming up on yet another birthday soon, and I found out what I want.

I been a film buff for quite some time, and I have always wanted my own video camera since I was in like...grade school. Now days, there is no longer a need for video tapes, or film. Just film it and download it...I LOVE technology!

So to make a long story short, a guy at work is selling this camcorder + storage bag for $100.

Here is a close up:

Attached is an actual image of the product in question:

It's an older model, but all customer reviews seem to claim that it is pretty easy to use. I am no Peter Jackson, I just want this for my trips, and maybe for making some good gag reels to put up on youtube.

This is basically me picking out my own birthday present this year. I am getting sick of bath towels and nick knacks. What do you guys think? None of you on here have ever steered me wrong when it comes to gadgets.
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