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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
The electrical explanation is definitely a very plausible one. My friend cant run a pc at his house without it needing to be plugged into a UPS at all times.

As for the second GPU - a second monitor isn't required - you can use a dummy plug - all this requires is a DVI>VGA adapter, which comes with most GPUs and 3x 68ohm resistors - which cost about a buck. >> more info and pics HERE

I think it might have been the electricity, since it ran through the night just fine last night, and the power problems in my town have been fixed. If it's not, it could just be that my PC can't go 24/7, but perhaps only a 24/6 "and on the 7th day he rested" schedule. However, I think the power explanation is more likely.

As for a dummy plug, I'll look around my workbench area to see if I have any extra resistors lying around, though I think I used most of them in a project. If so, next time I head around my nearest electronic parts store, which, sadly, isn't especially close by, I'll pick some up.

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