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Another bug

Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
You could try re-installing. I assume you're using a legit copy and no cracks of any kind on it?
It is a second hand copy actually but never the less legal. Can't seem to get the old star wars games any other way as none of the game store stock them any more.

There is another bug to.

Just after you defeat the young guy (Roth isn't it?) with his two reborn helpers in bast castle and you accept the first of the next set of missions (forget that name as well) - the one where you have the jedi temple or what ever it is on the sides of a ravine. Prior to entering the mission you go through and select your saber and then go to the screen where you can add a star to one of the force powers.

The mind trick force is blank and unselectabe and I can't add a star to any of the other force powers nor get past this screen.

Had to force it to the next mission by using the map command and then manually set all the force powers to 3 and force heal to 4, which was what I was going to select, and manually obtain the weapons and ammo.

This game seems to be a bit buggy.
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