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"If we're staying put with the loading ramp shut, it's a three person job: one person needs to man the dorsal gun turret, another for the quad lasers, and one last person needs to control the remote turret below the cockpit. And lastly, someone should keep an eye on Andorra, and administer any additional medication if need be." Kalla explained to everyone, "I'll take the dorsal turret."

"Live by the sword, die by the sword. You're no different." Reyvan added, approaching the Blood King as he fought Jun-la and Matton. "Even if you kill us, you're going nowhere. I've ordered the Republic Guardsmen to destroy your ship, and we'll be off the moment we've got everyone on board."

"Everyone's predicable in the end. Even the so called unpredictable ones. I can easily predict that you'll be defeated, and then somehow escape, unless of course, we remember to cut off your escape route." Komad commented. "Did you predict that?"

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