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While I can see the logic for several arguments for TF2, and i do infact own it(Left 4 Dead too) I can see how they still "kinda" work... but i dont think I would put them in the same respects as to Tribes 2 or Bf1942... Im not sure how to quite put it but with Tribes 2 I felt as though every time i went online I never really saw much/had a vibe of "Im only in it for myself" While I know that i can not rule out TF2 simply based on the players farming achievements and getting unlocks, Im merely trying to see if the acheivements and the more personal based point systems are a contributing factor to the increase of selfishness i seem to be seeing online, maybe im biased, maybe im just missing all the good servers people are on?

@ Gabez, Unfortunatly i have not played World of Warcraft
(nor will i fancy the chance to do it since i am a "starving" student :P that and i do not believe that i have to continuously pay for an entertainment product I have spent money on before.. Partially due to the same reasons for not owning a 360 and refusing to pay for LIVE, but that is a different matter)

the above being said.. I do hear plenty of ignorance and rude attitude to new users from friends, of course nothing can really take the place of first hand experience..

As for the team based achievements, I wouldn't see why this wouldn't help. If players are really mostly in it for the completionist thing(get all achievements possible) then making it so that the only achievements there are requires mass cooperation of players?
I believe some games have an achievement or two that requires co-operation? Left 4 Dead seems to come to mind. However (and again please take this as a bit of a rant/bias as i am in no way a statistician --> I'm in my final year of Computer science) more often than not do i see games that only really take account you for the achievement system.
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