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sorry I dont have pictures. I will list the greatest moments of my gaming as best as I can remember in chronological order:

Defeating Bowser in Mario 3 NES and in Mario World in SNES

Exploring the sity and indoors in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES

Jurassic Park Ocean Music in SNES

Beating people up and vandalizing a car in Final Fight SNES

Rainbow road in Mario cart SNES

Fighting the emperor in SNES Return of the Jedi

Exploring the Lando of the Green Isles in Kings Quest 6

Fighting the Axem Rangers in Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars

Flying down Beggar's Canyon in Rebel Assault

getting past the bouncer at the club and using clever insults in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

The end of Duke Nukem in witch he celebrates his killings by punting the final bosses head through the goal post.

Commanding armies in Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

Receiving the jedi's lightsaber in Jedi Knight

Mowing down pedestrians in Carmageddon 2: Carpocolypse Now

the 3D revolution of Mario 64

Anything in Pilot Wings 64

Star fox 64

The Skyhook Battle and the swoop bike chase in Battle in Shadows of the Empire

Building theme parks in Roller Coaster Tycoon

Using Taklit's Part in Indiana Jones and the Infernal machine

Learning to sneak in the shadows in Thief

Hacking and Slashing in Diablo

Disguising as a limo driver and Planting the Car Bomb in the limo in Hitman

Building characters in morrowind

Running from the cops in Need for Speed Hot Persuit

killing innocent people at Mos Espa in Phantom Menace

Exploring wonderland in American Mcee's Alice

Driving a car in a 3D streets while listening to the radio in Grand Theft Auto 3

The firsts fight in Beyond Good and evil

The Shalebridge Cradle in Theif 3

Finding out who Darth Revan is in Knights of the Old Republic

Battlegrounds in World Of Warcraft

Going through the intro sequence in Oblivion

The final battle in Assassins Creed

Killing the groom in a wedding in Hitman: Blood Money

Leaving the vault in Fallout 3


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