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chapter 3

Over the skies of geonosis a republic gunship flew in search of the remainder of gamma squad............

"Forty-Six, look. a droid outpost heavily guarded by rapid gun turrets, battle droids, and super battle droids. take me there." said commander. the clones 46 and 53 fired the guns, taking out the turrets. commander hit the rocky geonosian ground, rifle in hand, on bolt action mode. "TAKE THIS YOU PEICES OF FILTHY JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed commander, as he shot the battle droids. suddenly, droidekas appeared. " i know how to improvise, trash!" he yelled throwing an emp grenade and running behind a boulder. he ran up to the super battle droid, bashing it 5 times with his gun. "DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed, pushing a grenade into the chasis. suddenly, the large droid exploded. he placed an explosive on the ironclad door. within 5 seconds the door exploded. "get him!"
"I DON'T THINKS SO!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted commander as he threw he gun hitting three droids, and took out his dual pistols shooting the other five. within an hour he was in the controll room, accessing the base schematics. "prison block is westward..the vent pipes lead straight to it.... let's go." the vents overhead led to the westward cell block. an executioner droid was working the console. "where is your base?!!!"
" on al-" said junga
"deathrow!" yelled commander kicking the vent plate as it hit the droid on the head. "someone order death?" laughed commander as the escaped the facility.

"i don't make threats. i make promises."-Canderous ordo
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