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as promised. now begins the indefinate delay. im truly sorry. but please, enjoy what i have written. and i do encourage you all to check my NSWFic "Ex Tenebris Lux."

Somewhere on Ando
Time and date unknown

The rustling of jungle foliage was the first thing Boss heard. Then he heard Fixer's heavy breathing. Boss eventually opened his eyes and saw that he was facing backwards, but moving forwards. His entire body hurt, but his head hurt most. It felt like the worst hangover in galactic history. Then he remembered; stowing away aboard the shuttle, jumping in dangerously close to the planet, and being shot down.

"You can let go of me now, Fixer." Boss said slowly.

Fixer jumped as if Kashyyyk slash-spider had just crawled onto his face and began hacking away with its mandibles. He lowered his blaster aimed a Boss' head, regained his composure, and helped Boss up.

"How long have I been out?"

"One local day, sir," Fixer said quietly. "Which is approximately twenty-six standard hours."

"Damn, it's really been that long?" Fixer slowly nodded. "Where's Scorch?"

"Up here, Boss," Scorch's voice crackled in Boss' ear. "In the tree canopy."

Boss looked up to see a very faint silhouette in the trees. It was covered in mud and moss, holding a sniper rifle. The only thing that could give Scorch's position away was the holographic scope of the rifle.

"Sir, we've been hunted mercilessly by battle droids, Trandoshan mercenaries, and Aqualish Separatists," A loud boom and a flash of blue interrupted Fixer. "And Separatist probe droids have been trying to find us."

"But I find them first." Scorch chuckled.

"What about supplies?" Boss asked.

"We grabbed what we could when the shuttle went down. Between you, and about twenty kilos of ammo, grenades, and medical supplies, it's been one hell of a day. Trandos and clankers have been up our shebse the whole time. The Shebs-Faces only seem to be scouts, as they're lightly armed and are only in pairs."

"How far are we from the fortress?"

"Several clicks," Fixer said. "We crashed about seven clicks south of the fortress. So far, we've only progressed about two and a half kilometers."

"Then let's get moving. We've got a ways to go."

"Not so fast, Boss. I'm seeing a droid platoon a hundred meters north, headed right for us. About thirty battle droids, nothing big. Should I take them out now, sir?" Scorch reported.

"Hold your fire. Let's ambush them," Boss checked his blaster and vibroknife. "Scorch, you stay up there, provide cover fire. Fixer and I will head south a bit, wait, and then we'll tear them apart. Fixer, while you're at it, set up a little surprise for the droids."

"Right away, sir."

"You got it, Bossman."

Boss and Fixer sprinted to the south, where Boss ducked behind a boulder. Fixer stopped twenty meters from the boulder, quickly laid a proximity mine beneath a pile of dead leaves and ducked behind a massive, fallen tree.

"Six-two here, the droids are right beneath me. It's not just a bunch of standard B1s."

"What else?" Boss groaned.

"A trio of BX-series commando droids. Should I begin the ambush?"

"No. Not yet. Wait for the mine to go off."

Several moments of intense silence, occasionally interrupted by the calls of jungle fauna, and the iconic "Roger, roger" of the battle droids as they received orders. Silence before combat was the time when one's adrenaline level increased severely, often to the point of adrenaline poisoning. Boss' adrenaline level had become so high, he almost didn't hear the mine go off.

The cries of shock, caused only by the droids' emotion simulators, and the sound of shattered durasteel crashing against every surface in the jungle, crackling wires and dirt falling to the ground began the ambush. Scorch began to pick off any droid dumb enough to not take cover. Boss and Fixer jumped out from their cover and began firing. One of the commando droids, a commander, charged at Boss with its vibrosword. As it swung the massive blade, he dodged and quickly jabbed the knuckle plate vibroblade into the droid's cranial unit.

Within seconds, only a commando droid and battle droid remained. Both took off towards the fortress. Scorch jumped from the trees and landed on the battle droid, putting three blaster bolts into its chest before stomping its head off. Scorch aimed his rifle at the fleeing commando droid and fired twice. It's head flew off first, followed by a five centimeter hole in its chest.

As Scorch lowered his rifle, something hit him hard in the back, knocking him on the ground. He looked up to see a Trandoshan mercenary uncloaking, its repeater gun aimed at is head. It snarled behind green, scaly lips, baring razor fangs.

Scorch raised his rifle, squeezed the trigger, and watched as a headless lizard slowly dropped while green ichor gushed from its neck. As the decapitated Trandoshan's body fell, a cloaked foot kicked Scorch's rifle from his hands. A dozen more mercenaries uncloaked, trained on Scorch. He looked behind him to see Boss and Fixer in a similar situation.

"Come with us," One of the mercenaries hissed. "You've been trouble the past few hours."

"Screw you, lizard breath!" The merc growled deep in its throat, and kicked Scorch with a clawed foot in the gut.

"If you do not cooperate, we will kill you right here, right now, feed your entrails to our families, and use your corpses as throw rugs."

Scorch said nothing, slowly got up, and placed his hands behind his head. Boss and Fixer soon joined him. They were then shoved violently forward by their captors.

They walked for several minutes before walking into a clearing. A Trandoshan barked something into its comm in its language. After several moments, a Trandoshan dropship landed in the clearing. The three commandos were thrown on board the dropship, and tied up. As each Trandoshan loaded up on the dropship, they spat on Delta Squad and laughed.

When the last Trandoshan had loaded up, the dropship took off and headed for the fortress. The ride lasted only six minutes. As it began its slow descent into the fortress, shadows swallowed the world. Only a faint glow of light came from the sky. Scorch looked out a port window to see the sky slowly close into a dot as the aperture-shaped hangar door closed. The dot of light was the last thing Scorch remembered seeing before a clawed hand struck the back of his head.

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