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"Rhyme and reason. You truly have adapted to my people," Tyrannus grinned. "Much of what you speak of is merely tactics, things that I have to teach the other two. Possibilities are endless which is why there are those that study battle."

"Yes our people study battle," Andros replied, "Yet we are enlightened to know when to use it and when not to."

"Hah! No wonder the Jedi are weak. They got their philosphy from our bleeding heart brothers."

"True we shared ideas. Yet there are things that one cane be strong in without turning," Andros said.

"Oh and what is that?"


"Stand down Master Reyvan," Jun-la held out her hand to stop the master's advance. "Do not interfere."

Matton stood there where he was occassionaly dispatching an enemy who decided to take him on. He recognized the gleam in her eye, the resolve. he knew she wouldn't lose. He shouted, "Do what she says."

The Blood King chuckled, "So you want to take me on alone and not with help?" He then looked at her closely. Liking what he saw he said, "Alright then. You and me. That is if your partners can stand to stay out of it."

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