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Xaiver clapped for his friend as he got ready for his test. He watched intently as Roman preformed his test. He was slowly piecing together the three tests in his head to get a feel for the team.

"....I highly doubt I could have come close to impressing you, as much as you did me, Miss Haruka!"

Xaiver chuckled and added in, "Yeah and I highly doubt you could have come close to impressing me, as I did to you Roman."

Xaiver walked over to Roman and patted him on the back again.

"You looked like a total BA out there Roman, and don't worry about those pesky melee units. While Haruka serves as our Guardian Angel in the sky I got you covered down low. Just make sure those pesky distance fighters don't take me out, after all when you're as awesome as me you don't have time for death." Xaiver said to Roman, giving him a thumbs up with his right hand.
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