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Another week and another review though how I find time in the middle of proctoring finals is beyond me. This week I have only one selection and it is a poem by repeat author SkywalkerRules.

You Tell Me... by SkywalkerRules

This poem is typical of SR's style in that it doesn't adopt the typical rhyme and meter but rather expresses the feeling in ways that wouldn't fit typical prose. The first half describes the person wondering and asking why he feels so down then in the second half the person is reiterating what he has been told before. Interesting choice of the coloring of the text as if it were almost an attempt to either differentiate between two different people or two different moods. The teal is understandable since lighter means a lighter color. The choice of red is interesting but it could just simply be that due to our grey backgrounds on the boards, it stands out and is not too dark. But it does make the point in emphasizing the moods. There were some comments in regards to the use of capitalization of certain words within the poem. In proper grammar, it would probabaly be unnecessary but in poetry it is a different matter. My understanding is that SkywalkerRules is emphasizing unity and by capitalizing generation and unity, it only serves to stress the point. In the overall picture, another well done piece of her work. Keep at it.

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