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Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
@ChAiNz.2da: It's widely agreed (well, amongst Monkey Island fans) that Monkey Island 2 is not just better than Monkey Island 1 (which is saying a lot), but that Monkey Island 2 is also one of the best games ever made.

We're all in with a treat with the SE, but especially the people who haven't played it before!!
Well now I'm definitely excited.. hehehe. I've always enjoyed the MI original (on pc), so I had to get the xbox version just for giggles. Turns out the SE really brought a whole new experience. While I know being a rookie to the part 2 of the series is going to be awesome for me.. I'll definitely be interested to see how the veterans like the SE additions (graphics/audio/etc.).

Looks like it's going to be a game to keep an eye on in the near future
I need to go forum section hopping more often.. hehehe.

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