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"Forget about him for now, he's probably just blowing off more steam...again. Alright I think we need to lighten things up, is there anything fun to do here? Lucky for you I've mastered fun unless it involves clowns...scary colorful clowns."

Moxie looked up at Darius sadly, and smiled. "Actually... I'm gonna take a quick rest, due to all the event. I'll see ya later." After getting up, and giving Darius another smile, Moxie went out of the cafeteria.

Walking down the hall, she hoped that Ashtin was all right. She'd do anything to make him feel better.

When she got to her room, she opened the door, and got in. Closing the door, she turned on the light, walked to her bed and sat. She sighed. "How can I ever have Ash look at the bright side of things? I know he's a Vampire, but... everybody needs to know peace."

When her eyes looked at her desk, she squinted. Two pistols? Moxie got up and walked to the desk. Those looked like Ashtin's pistols! She then looked at two ultraviolet clips. "Why would Ashtin leave these here?"

She then opened her notebook. Something in the back of her mind told her to do so. Suddenly, she found a letter, and read it. She kept on reading it until she couldn't read no more. Moxie sadly placed the notebook on her desk. She then fell to her knees, and started to cry.

Why would Ashtin do this? Why? She slowly looked up, tears staining her cheeks. "I have to bring him back. I gotta help him..."
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