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Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
Good point... the data-files from MI2 might be protected this time... no sprite ripping or replacement...

Are you working on the sprites as well? I have a very cloudy memory of you talking about Cursifying the backgrounds...
Yes. I'm working on the backgrounds and characters. I'm working on getting Monkey Mania's Guybrush in all of the sprite sheets right now. Then I'll move on to Monkey Mania's lookout. The last effort I tried back in December before I got the hang of Paint.NET caused the entire layout of the sprite sheet to get screwed up. Now that I know what I'm doing, I'm going to do what Monkey Mania was planning to do and do one scene at a time.

I'm going to Cursify other characters than what Monkey Mania already did too. The next scene I'm planning on tackling after this is the Fettuccini Brothers Circus.
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