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Haruka grinned as she saw Roman in action, she really wanted to see what his battle suit could do and it fulfilled all her expectations. The synchronization between Roman and his suit were almost perfect and so their performance was indeed something remarkable to watch.

"Nice Haruka, as good as I'd said."

Haruka grinned as Roman used her rifle. She was particularly proud of her creations, not exactly because they were tools of war but rather because they were her babies.

"I told you, no grace, simply hit-and-run tactics. Although, everyone seems to think that the Lævateinn 2 can't handle groups, since that's a hit-and-run unit's weakness, but I've gotten so used to similar tests pitting me against pack-tactics Battle Suits that I've turned my guerrilla warfare fighting style's weakness into a strength. I have more trouble with melee units than I do groups now."

Roman laughed, and paused, his smile fading somewhat, "anyway, enough with the boring talk. So, how'd I do!? Did I impress you as much as you did me? Although..."

Roman chuckled and shook his head as he thought this over for a second, "....I highly doubt I could have come close to impressing you, as much as you did me, Miss Haruka!"

"Actually it was quite impressive, I was right about you and your suit, the synchronization that you achieve lets you do some pretty impressive performances. I think we can all rest safe knowing we got the Lævateinn 2 watching our backs", Haruka said as she glanced over to Takahashi who gave her a thumbs up and she winked at him with a smile. "We got a few more tests to do and we're done with the exersize, so who's next?"

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