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(( xD geez Phantom how many tracking devices could one person possibly have, lol))

As Ashtin continued to walk towards the abandon warehouse along the harbor, he made it a habit of taking random turns that would make it longer to get to his destination. He had stopped along a closed office building and rested his back around the side of the building as Black took off the uncomfortable shoes and emptied out little pebbles. Slowly Ashtin slide his sword, sheath and all out of his belt and ran his hand along it. Something was off about the detailed design of the sheath. Then he spotted it, in one of the smaller loops in the design on the upper part of sheath, slowly he picked it up with his thumb and index finger and grinned.

Some one had touched his sword, this little but of information was unsettling to him. If anything his sword was one of his prized possessions and the others should have known not to have touched it, he had killed for far less. Crushing what ever little device that could have been between his fingers Ashtin grabbed Black and they began walking randomly towards they're intended destination. The smell of the water was getting close and could almost vanish the smell of the beggar clothes they were wearing.

As they continued to walk Ashtin ran several things he had done along the way after he had traded clothes. They had thrown away cell phones, and any other electronic devices they had upon them, Ashtin had even removed Black's handcuffs and thrown them far in the opposite direction they were headed. Finally they had reached the Abandoned warehouse the house side looked rusted and falling to pieces, anyone dump enough to launch any explosive device here would just bring the whole building down.

Black entered the building first with Ashtin following directly behind him, now it was the waiting game.

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