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"We got a few more tests to do and we're done with the exersize, so who's next?"

Katsu looked over Haruka once before speaking up.

"I believe that I am up next. Rest assured I will do my best."

Katsu then left the observation room so he could change into his black pilot jumpsuit. After doing so, he slowly climbed up into the Vegas's command center.

Even as he strapped himself in he could feel the familiar sensations as the various systems of the Vegas began to power up. A series of cables plugged into the back of his helmet as he stared down at the controls.

Thrusters are online. Weapons systems are online. All other systems are online. Good. The sooner this gets done the better.

"Vegas test underway, prepare for launch countdown."

Katsu leaned back in the pilot's chair and frowned as one of the controls turned a bright red registering a slight malfunction in one of the thrusters. Katsu quickly hit some controls and the red light vanished.

I guess they didn't manage to catch all the issues. It looks like this thing was never properly repaired after the last time it saw combat.

"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... launch!"

Katsu smiled brightly for the first time in a long time as the Vegas slowly stepped into the test run facility and he watched carefully as the enviorment reshaped around him and turned into an urban enviorment.

He looked down at his controls and watched as the radar on his suit detected three incoming enemy battle suits. He quickly armed his battle suit's Jericho missle system and launched three of them.

He watched with satisfaction as two mobile suits took direct shots to the head without even seeing them coming and quickly exploded while the third attempted to dodge the missle and ended up taking most of the blast to the chest and then it quickly exploded as well.

Destroying the automated mobile suits was bringing back very unplesant memories. Memories of the ambush that had destroyed his unit and had left him without a family.

He stopped moving as memories rose to the surface of his head and his heart and blood pressure began to go through the roof as the memories of the ambush rose to the very top of his head.

Katsu! We're under attack, get to the Vegas now!

Look! Up in the enemy battle suit! It's Torv! Torv has turned against us! Katsu! You need to stop him before he wipes us all out!

I'm the last one left...He killed everyone else...butchered them. Wiped them out. They're all gone...the only real family I ever had.

The vegas stood still with it's head bowed down to the ground even as the last four remaining enemy battle suits headed toward him.

katsu slowly looked back up with his eyes half-closed and the Vegas's head rose as well. Katsu quietly engaged the battle suit's energy sword and sliced at the first battle suit and sliced it's head clean off.

He then engaged the thrusters and was in among the enemy before they even had a chance to know he was there. He slammed the sword into the chest of another one of the battle suits and then brought it up, slicing the enemy battle suit in two.

He then turned to the last two who were now slowly backing away to get futher away so they could used their ranged weapons.

Katsu didn't intend to give them that chance.

He quickly brought up his rifle up directly in the face of one of the battle suits and fired, dropping the enemy battle suit to the ground. He then turned his attention to the last remaining enemy mobile suit.

Katsu's heart and blood pressure continued rising even as he shot the enemy battle suit directly through the chest and then turned back toward the entrance.

More battle suits detected. Affiliation: Unknown. Treat as hostile.

Katsu armed the last of his missles and emotionlessly reloaded his rifle as he prepared to fire on the new mobile suits that he had detected.
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