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He stopped moving as memories rose to the surface of his head and his heart and blood pressure began to go through the roof as the memories of the ambush rose to the very top of his head.

Katsu! We're under attack, get to the Vegas now!

Look! Up in the enemy battle suit! It's Torv! Torv has turned against us! Katsu! You need to stop him before he wipes us all out!

I'm the last one left...He killed everyone else...butchered them. Wiped them out. They're all gone...the only real family I ever had.

The vegas stood still with it's head bowed down to the ground even as the last four remaining enemy battle suits headed toward him.

katsu slowly looked back up with his eyes half-closed and the Vegas's head rose as well. Katsu quietly engaged the battle suit's energy sword and sliced at the first battle suit and sliced it's head clean off.

He then engaged the thrusters and was in among the enemy before they even had a chance to know he was there. He slammed the sword into the chest of another one of the battle suits and then brought it up, slicing the enemy battle suit in two.

He then turned to the last two who were now slowly backing away to get futher away so they could used their ranged weapons.

Katsu didn't intend to give them that chance.

Haruka watched intently with a small grin just showing it to Takahashi who was standing next to her. Nobody else could spot this fact. Takahashi on the other hand seemed pretty worried about what was going on, it seemed off but just by glancing at Haruka, he immediately knew she had to be in on the details.

"Haruka, this is strange, are we stopping this?", Takahashi asked but Haruka simply moved her finger saying no.

He quickly brought up his rifle up directly in the face of one of the battle suits and fired, dropping the enemy battle suit to the ground. He then turned his attention to the last remaining enemy mobile suit.

Katsu's heart and blood pressure continued rising even as he shot the enemy battle suit directly through the chest and then turned back toward the entrance.

More battle suits detected. Affiliation: Unknown. Treat as hostile.

Katsu armed the last of his missles and emotionlessly reloaded his rifle as he prepared to fire on the new mobile suits that he had detected.

Takahashi this time tried to go for a button but Haruka stopped him.

"We have security measures to deal with this kind of situation, let my babies work", Haruka said as she opened the com to the training crew. "Shut down all main power grids and stand by for unit leeches".

Suddenly in the training room all the lights were out except for some low light emergency power lights. Haruka turned to Roman, Xaivier, Zhao and the others.

"Unit Leeches are nanomachines that cover the suit leeching all power to disable them. We only use them for training drones that have gone haywire but we also use them when stuff like this goes on. Don't worry about Katsu or his suit, he'll be unharmed, once the suit begins to read the lifesupport systems are going down it will automatically eject the pilot", Haruka said and moved to fire the leeches. Three small missiles fired in towards the Vegas. "Even if he destroys the missiles the nanomachines will just spread over him".

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