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"Unit Leeches are nanomachines that cover the suit leeching all power to disable them. We only use them for training drones that have gone haywire but we also use them when stuff like this goes on. Don't worry about Katsu or his suit, he'll be unharmed, once the suit begins to read the lifesupport systems are going down it will automatically eject the pilot", Haruka said and moved to fire the leeches. Three small missiles fired in towards the Vegas. "Even if he destroys the missiles the nanomachines will just spread over him".

Zhao felt relieved. He felt a little tense when he learned the emergency power went on. "While I have no doubt that the nanomachines will work, don't you believe it would have been better if you just sent security or one of us against those things? It would get rid of those...anomalies a bit more efficiently." Zhao paused for a second, then gave a small grin, just to show he was being polite. "But then again, I don't believe I've ever seen nanomachines work."

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