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Katsu watched as the missles came closer and closer to him. He didn't intend to give the missles a chance to hit him. Even if he shot them out of the air the shockwaves from the explosions could possibly hurt him.

Evade the missles.

The Vegas fired its thrusters and managed to get out of the way of the three missles and then turned around and waited until he thought they were far enough away and then blasted them out of the sky.

Even as he turned back toward the entrance he could feel that something was wrong with the Vegas. There was a slight power drain on all of the systems and he was getting strange readings from the ejection system.

Something was inside the missles when they detonated. Some sort of new weapon.

Katsu looked down at the controls and noticed something that nearly made his heart stop cold. The ejection system was in flux and was going offline and then coming back online at random intervals.

It must be that new weapon.

He turned his attention back to the battle suits and was about to fire the last of his missles when a sudden, urgent thought came to mind.

I can't do would hurt the others...It would hurt all those innocents inside the base.

Katsu began to take deep, unsteady breaths as his blood pressure and heartrate finally got to high for him to handle. His eyes completley closed as he lost consciousness.

The Vegas's head bowed down toward the ground as it's pilot lost consciousness. It stood there completley still as it's systems went offline.
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