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"While I have no doubt that the nanomachines will work, don't you believe it would have been better if you just sent security or one of us against those things? It would get rid of those...anomalies a bit more efficiently." Zhao paused for a second, then gave a small grin, just to show he was being polite. "But then again, I don't believe I've ever seen nanomachines work."

Haruka looked over at Zhao with a small smile.

"While I agree that sending one of you out would be efficient, it also costs more to repair your suits if the become damaged in any way, our security defenses are built with materials we have obtained through deals with the manufacturing countries and we pay them with protection, which is a small enough cost for such a high profile detail like us", Haruka said.

The Vegas's head bowed down toward the ground as it's pilot lost consciousness. It stood there completley still as it's systems went offline.

"And it seems that's that", Haruka said as she motioned the rescue teams to the Vegas. Haruka then turned to the others. "Please don't think anything bad of Katsu, if you've read his profile like I have, you'd realize he's had a pretty rough time. He's seen nightmares we can only imagine, some scars aren't easy to heal. But he's trying, and we want him in this unit for that very reason. His determination", Haruka said.

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