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Originally Posted by Darca Lar View Post
I was looking at a candle that I lit, just watching the flames dance on the wick and for some reason started comparing it to a lightsaber. The fire on a candle sits on a wick, just as the blade of a lightsaber sits on its hilt. However, the flame is free-flowing while the lightsaber is a straight laser.
Actually if you wanted to get technical, a lightsaber is pure energy and not so much a laser; not sure if you played the Jedi Knight series at all but there are guns called Disruptors that do Physical/Optical damage that can go right through lightsaber blades. Plus if there were intractivity in beams of light we'd have a real problem with light sources clashing with one another. So it's more of plasma or fusion level energy. (And I'd assume some level of artificial gravity or of special magnetism of some high order that can manipulate energy)

Honestly I always thought of the weapons in the SW universe as being laser guided particle beam weapons.

Flames go a certain distance based on heat, but today's lasers continue to travel until something stops it.
Oh, and what of naturally dispersing and dimming out within a transparent medium? They lose power and focus as they go. Fire can be thought of as a crude form of plasma or ionization. Even electric arcs might qualify as plasma. Lasers are purely optical energy.

Right now I feel pretty stupid thinking about something that doesn't exist, and I'm no scientific inventor but I like to dream. And now I'm not sure where I'm going with this...if you have any input or feel like talking about your own concept ideas feel free.
Well, I do believe people are working on projects like this. Closest thing to a real lightsaber I ever came across is actually a plasma cutter. High Frequency arcs through a jet of gasses to cut (thin) metal is basically the description of it.

TBH I think the concept of vibro blades is much closer: Look at how we send ultrasonic vibrations through toothbrushes. How about how we have used high frequency electricity in surgical tools to create the electroknife for surgery? (Look up names Tesla and D'arsonval).

I have looked and looked for this guy I saw either on Discovery or something quite a while ago. Can't seem to find it.

The first cyber-sophisticated bionic patient.
Background: An electrical accident on a high power line cost him both his arms as he was a master electrical worker.

Anyways, so, researchers made a bionic robotic arm and hand which responded to biofeedback from his remaining nerves. Sophisticated circuitry with sensors for pain, heat, and cold. All via electronic feedback through a microcontroller system. Apparently it worked. The patient was able to control it as though it were his own--maybe not as perfect as the original thing but it was a start. I'd nver seen anything like it IRL.

A while a go also, I believe our military made a stealth cloak for a vehicle. It was displayed in popular mechanics or popular science. Something like that.

There are EMP devices out there but to the best I can tell (it's only available to serious researchers w/ lots of $$$ in most cases) it only affects electronic devices. A sort of deluge of electromagnetic frequencies that seem to mess up the insides of semiconductors and other electronic components. Applications are kind of limited.

Plasma, well, there's many kinds of plasma. Especially with electricity. Depends what you're looking for.

Anyway, yeah it's kind of cool to imagine stuff and check reality and see how close or far away we are to making something scifi a reality.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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