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Super Mario Bros 3:
Beating it for the first time.
Finding the 3rd whistle on SMB3.
Beating SMB3 again, but this time PWNING with a sledgehammer suit.
Tonooki Statue-stomping out those flamethrowers.
Balancing on the bouncy clown balls fighting Iggy koopa.

Super mario World: Discovering that crazy mysterious island level
Show spoiler

SMB1: entering the "-1" glitch level.

Figuring out the path to the true ending of bubble bobble.
Fighting Mike Tyson for the first time on Punch Out!

Home Alone 2: lost in new york where you have gone out the roof of Uncle Rob's townhouse and the bad guys are chasing you to the Tree.

Beating Zelda 1, 2 and 3.
Zelda 3: you beat down that wizard guy after he has kidnapped the maidens and the princess and sealed off their powers for Gannon. Then Gannon making himself known--then your final confrontation with him.
Zelda 2: This was NOT an easy game. So you finally get to the bottom hallway and figureo ut you have to thrust downward to the final lair, killing the magician and then wailing on the evil silhouette of yourself.
Zelda 1: After that whole 9th underground dungeon being very happy to finally see and fight Gannon. The ending was fair--probably pretty good for back then.

Fighting Onslaught on Marvel vs Capcom for the first time. Then beating him.

The finale of the storyline mode on WWE SmackDown! Shut your mouth. For some reason this game's storyline was just better than all the ones after it.

Realizing my dad beat Street Fighter 2 before I did.

In megaman X2 near the end where you find out Zero is alive again.

Acquiring the wrist mounted laser on combat sim for perfect dark.
Beating a Perfect Sim on combat simulator.

Kicking Jason's ass on Friday the 13th. Even if the ending was crap it was victory enough. That was a right pain to pull off.

All of the first 3 megaman games are one of my most cherished treasures. I find nearly every romhack made of these to be a tremendous compliment.

GTA: Vice City: The climactic final battle against Sonny Forelli. (Then again that may just have been b/c it was my first GTA game)

GTA4 final level on either choice.
Deal: it's finally killing Dimitri on Liberty island because you get to unload all that pent up frustration by exacting revenge in a sadistic slow manner.
Revenge: I liked the dirtbike to heli stunt on the last level. Watching Pegorino deperately flee in fear of you.
*hopes nobody thinks I'm a psychopath)

Ord Mantell Junkyard Train level on Shadows of the Empire--whole level was the most memorable. Second that would be the Gall Imperial base where you have to jetpack down the canyon, fight an AT-ST, and finally get to the ship landing to fight Boba Fett and his slave 1.

Jedi Outcast, where you are retaking the Jedi Temple on Yavin 4.

SNES Beavis and Butt-Head: Toppling that big fat billy bob guy, kicking Todd's ass at the high school, and getting to the GWAR concert.

Megaman X8 where Sigma finally dies for good. Though who you're left to fight right afterward is even worse.

Metroid 3: Ending. Then afterwards finding out there is a little "silhouette outline" trick you can do with the power bombs.
Metroid 2: This whole game was actually kind of special in itself. The home of the Metroids.
Matroid 1: Justin Bailey code or narpa's sword. Either way, 'nuff said.

Donkey Kong '94: After 101 levels, you finally get the girl back from that crazy ape's posession.

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 where you get the ending that you have an entire planet to yourself with your face imprinted on it. Let's face it, being the anti hero is awesome.

ROTS Alternate Ending because it's nice to see what could have been.

StarFox 64: The real ending killing Andross and then being guided out of the self destructing complex by the ghost of your father.

Twisted Metal;
TM1: Endings of Darkside, Sweet Tooth, Hammerhead, and Mr Grimm.
TM2: More just the combat...though Minion's ending of revenge was pretty sweet.
TM3: Ok, the endings sucked hardcore--I got the jokes but they were so overdone most of them were'n all that funny. I guess, just drilling opponents to death as Auger.
TM4: That moment you finally kill the tournament boss, Sweet Tooth.
TM black: The endings all have their irony and they don't suck. Also, just all the nooks and crannies you can uncover.
TM Small Brawl: Sweet Tooth's ending. (What can I say? I like the serial killer clown with fire napalm hair)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES: Finally getting to the technodrome. I still have not beat it without game genie to this day. Though I got close.

Metroid Zero Mission...leXX and Lynk pretty much said it all for me already.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors: This entire game is an epic fun adventure. You're using the combined talent of both Lucasarts and Konami with their penchants for a modern mashup of horror parodies in a sort of "zombie apocalypse". You're rescuing your neighbors. Ah gawd I can't remember all the flicks it touched on...Moments:
When I discovered Dr. Bug, When I beat the Snakeoids for the first time,
Fought Dr Tongue in his tarantula form (nod to gremlins),
Finding the secret level "Day of the Tentacle" as a preview of their upcoming game, when I met the LucasArts and Konami team on the credits level--George Lucas standing out front to greet you and telling you to get back to work.

Odyssey:Legend of Nemesis : This is an old Mac game. (If you own a mac I'm sure even modern machines will play it)
Free copy:
Update patch:

One of the best storylines, and the most morally gray of any story for a game. I dislike the one part that makes a blatant nod to Karl Marx, but otherwise it's a great game. Drop me a line (I know some things the walkthrough doesn't! )
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