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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
I've already ran out of curse words to use.
I havn't ran out, but it is exhausting my vast knowledge of them.

Taking a break right now for moving, so any downtime I have is spent playing some MW2, but after we're done moving I'll pick it back up. Still have the assassin and justicar to get, as well as everyones loyalty missions.

On a related note, Tali's loyalty mission on insanity is the most poorly designed area ever. 99% of Insanity strategy is to hang back and snipe in open areas/, for 99% of enemies stay pretty still. 1% of them however rush. One of those 1% are geth. When enemies rush you, in an open area you usually have plenty of room to kite them, and they're usually the only enemy there. Tali's loyalty mission is nothing but fighting lots of geth that will either definately charge or randomly charge, and it's all in super small enclosed spaces.

That one definately stretched the limits of my patience

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