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Some random moments I can list off from BFBC2 recently:

Getting a bunch of "Holy ****, did I make that?" shots with my missile launcher at Blackhawk helicopters. A ton of amazing, super long range headshots with my sniper rifle... Even yesterday I got 3000+ points in the first 5 minutes of the match just sniping properly. Had a situation where I fired my rocket launcher down a road, looked away (because I wasn't even aiming at anything in particular), and ding!, 4 kills (all on foot, too). Got a quadrupole stab combo.

And got into a match where I shot down a helicopter pilot 5 times in a row, then sent him a message "I HATE heli whores like you, stop it." -- because, yea, he used nothing but the helicopter. Then, on the same map, but the next match, I ran into him and his squad trying to defend one of their flags... and I killed him and all his buddies (around 5 or 6 kills in total) by myself, in open, submachine gun fighting and stole the flag in the end.

I'm getting better at this game.

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