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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
I cannot believe I forgot!

Witcher! You need to play Witcher! I love that game. Its based off some non-english books that are being very, very steadily translated and released in english that resemble a sort of darker fantasy... well, sort of what Dragon Age tried to do and, in my personal opinion, didn't entirely capture to the point that Witcher did. That and I think Witcher arguably took its M17+ rating to better usage than Dragon Age did.

I love the combat, the characters range from great to decent with a few annoyances, and its also getting a sequel. If anything, get a copy to support the developers because they rock for releasing a free expansion of sort that repaired and improved nearly all the launch faults with the game.

As far as Tolkien-esque fantasy goes, its been a personal favorite. It doesn't have the vast amount of characters, quests, etc that Dragon Age does but, in my opinion, Dragon Age's vastness is almost choking while Witcher is a much easier bite to chew on the first playthrough. That said, Witcher can easily take up 60+ hours on the first playthrough.

Considering DLC is being thrown around like crazy between ME2 and DA:O, I'd say get Witcher and Vampire and play through those until the content influx slows on both.
I have to agree with True_Avery on this

I love playing the Witcher and you can get it at a reasonable price now.

I haven't played the 3 you mentioned so I have no clue, but I will probably get those same 3 myself once they drop down in price and all the DLC as been done to them

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