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Originally Posted by BongoBob View Post
On a related note, Tali's loyalty mission on insanity is the most poorly designed area ever. 99% of Insanity strategy is to hang back and snipe in open areas/, for 99% of enemies stay pretty still. 1% of them however rush. One of those 1% are geth. When enemies rush you, in an open area you usually have plenty of room to kite them, and they're usually the only enemy there. Tali's loyalty mission is nothing but fighting lots of geth that will either definately charge or randomly charge, and it's all in super small enclosed spaces.

That one definately stretched the limits of my patience :¬:
Her recruitment was harder I think, that mission drove me insane. I finally found the best tactic for it, which was to go up on the right side and hang behind those crates for a while, keeping out of the sun obviously, and picking off as many as possible from there, and then rush forward still keeping to the right, and launch as many rockets in quick succession from the platform as possible at the Geth Colossus and take it out quickly.

I got close to saying "**** Tali, I don't need her" quite a few times, but I persisted as I wanted to have everyone on board and loyal out of shere stubbornness.

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