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How to run GF on Win7 64bit

There's some problems running GF on win7, and especially on 64bit version. Couldn't find any threads yet, but if there is, just close this one =D

First, I downloaded this file. It should help you with the problem you'll get, trying to install the game.
Second, after installing the game, install the patch, and copy all the files discribed in the patchnote.

Of cause you'll still get the graphicbug-lines, if you turn on your 3D card. Except for that, it should be working just fine. Haven't played it through yet, but I'll give some feedback when it's done.

If you experience any problems, try setting the game to run in Win2000- or WinXp servicepack 2-mode.

[EDIT]Seems that there's some problems, but they seems to appear randomly, where the sound start laggin, and there's no way to fix it, except for closing the game, and start all over. Btw it could be my computer that is ****ed! [/EDIT]

What'd **** !?!?

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