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Originally Posted by Roller123 View Post
Islamic extremists are pissed at everyone not islamic so could bomb just about everything. London(check), Paris(check), Madrid(check), Moscow(check). New York City is as much a target as anything else. Happy Twin Tower Day(check)
I have a simple suggestion. Before you post about terrorism ever again, learn something about it. Terrorists are not all part of some evil mega faction led by Osama bin Cobra Commander. True Chechnyans do have connections to Al Quida but this is largely because they've been screwed over by every other nation. Chechnyan rebels want independence from Russia, not to murder every Christian, which is also not the goal of most of the Islamic Extremists, however in the interest of staying on topic Ill ignore your lack of knowledge on that subject for now. Attacking the US or really anywhere but Russia would do nothing at all for the Chechnyans, it would be like if during the US Revolutionary War the US sent a couple of ships to go shoot up the coast of Norway just because.

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