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Hum, if I may...

TSL RCM is a mod that restores loads of cut content. Made by Stoney and Zbyl2 with the help of many people, its purpose it to make the game feel like what bioware would have done if they hadn't been rushed.

Now, Stoney wanted one of the best mod ever (USM) to be compatible with his. So he did a patch that would allow to install both. Here's how it works:

1) install TSL RCM mod
2) take all the files in the USM override folder and drop 'em in the tslpatchdatafolder of his patcher but don't let-it replace any files
3) add the sound files (not the folders) in the same tslpatchdata...
4) run his patcher

However, what I don't like about his patcher is that it doesn't specify how to get the patches you aforementionned. Would you have an idea?

PS: lol, someone wrote before me
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