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Originally Posted by Roller123 View Post
You should be the last person talking, making statements like "Taiwan wants independence from China".(Taiwan is China, just different government in case you didnt know)
Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
Haha and Tibet is supportive of China controlling them too right?
Since you're both having fun treading on each other's poorly worded technicalities of The Taiwan Situation, I'd like to clarify for the both of you that:

Taiwan (Republic of China) and China (People's Republic of China) both lay claim to Chinese territory including at least, mainland China and the island of Taiwan. Taiwan functions independently of the People's Republic and the PR functions independently of Taiwan. They are rogue nations according to each other.

Despite this, the People's Republic of China, covering the mainland and having a vast population is considered the de facto China, while the Republic of China, having little actual territorial control beyond the island of Taiwan, is referred to as Taiwan.

Yay for breaking arguments.

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