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Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
The Afghanistan example is an odd one as terrorism was never a large part of that.
How did I use the Mujahedeen as an example of terrorist? I didn’t. I used them as an example of a people that wanted freedom from the Soviet Union (aka Russia). A group that at one time only wanted to kill Soviets, but later splintered and turns on the west.

However, both the Soviet Army and the Mujahedeen practiced what anyone outside of the Bush Administration Lawyers would consider torture and terrorism. That was just not part of my example.

Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
I wouldn't really directly compare the two either because whereas America is blameless (i think) for Chechnya, they are most certainly not blameless for the slaughter in Afghanistan between all sides; one of the most cynical instances of wargaming on their part you will ever see.
Hence my reason for bringing up Afghanistan. The United States made a terrible mistake in Afghanistan and should learn from that mistake and not have a repeat performance in Chechnya. If we were to decide to help, then the U.S. must be fully committed to not only helping free the people, but supporting them after the bloodshed is over. However, since the U.S. attention span is 15 minutes at best, it is better that we stay away from this. This battle has been going on for several hundred years and I see no end in sight.

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