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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
Unfortunately no Since I'm not familiar with said patch.

Sounds like it might be a question for Stoney to be honest. However, what I would try ( *I* being the keyword as I have no qualms about screwing up my own system. Buyer Beware. )

* - Do this in a desktop folder, not override or tslpatchdata (just yet)

- DL the USM mod and the patch(es) #1 (optional) & #4
- Drop the patch files in the appropriate USM folders (overwrite)
- NOW, drop those (patched) files into the TSL RCM compatibility tslpatchdata folder making sure not to overwrite.

* - Now, proceed as normal to install

- Drop the USM sound files in to the TSL RCM tslpatchdata folder
- RUN the patcher normally.

Now, of course, if everyone has already tried/done this.. I'm not sure what else to do. Nor am I sure this would work. It depends on what files Stoney configured the patcher for. It might not be written for patched files
I didn't even realize USM had some updatesbut I checked them and the only update to not use is #1 (the updated BaoDurr and Visas.dlg's),all the other ones you can just drop in your override folder(allowing them to overrite any files) after installing TSLRCM and the compatibility patch/installer for USM.
I'll have to go back merge the Newest USM dlg for Bao and Visas with TSLRCM's.
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