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cheers Jae - arent tribbles trouble though! Congrats on making commander!! I am currently Lieutenant 5 \o/ I just made my ship look like the original (Archer) Enterprise. Likey

Ive seen a few people flying around with Prometheus class ships... jealous

JediAthos]It's all on one big server I believe...similar to EVE Online. There's just a whole bunch of different instances for the various locations. So, you could be in the same place as someone (earth spacedock for example) and not be able to see them until you get in the same instance.
Interesting. I actually did search for you and Jae last time I was on - but no luck. I also didn't factor in time zones so both of you may have been in the land of nod

my handle is @astrotoy7, players name is Isabel.

before you ask.... Isabel is the name I give all my female RPG characters, though in fantasy RPGs she may get the more exotic Zabel

Why Isabel...

*Short for Isabella - named after
*Favourite actress
*Favourite female cat (my sister in laws British Blue, 'Aunty Isabel' to my Astro Jr)
Show spoiler


Asinus asinum fricat

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