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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
Unfortunately no Since I'm not familiar with said patch.

Sounds like it might be a question for Stoney to be honest. However, what I would try ( *I* being the keyword as I have no qualms about screwing up my own system. Buyer Beware. )

* - Do this in a desktop folder, not override or tslpatchdata (just yet)

- DL the USM mod and the patch(es) #1 (optional) & #4
- Drop the patch files in the appropriate USM folders (overwrite)
- NOW, drop those (patched) files into the TSL RCM compatibility tslpatchdata folder making sure not to overwrite.

* - Now, proceed as normal to install

- Drop the USM sound files in to the TSL RCM tslpatchdata folder
- RUN the patcher normally.

Now, of course, if everyone has already tried/done this.. I'm not sure what else to do. Nor am I sure this would work. It depends on what files Stoney configured the patcher for. It might not be written for patched files
Well, I'll re-download the USM, just in case, do your procedure and then I'll report here if it did work. I think I'll try to uninstall TSL, install the patches and only the USM, use KSE to get a crystal and a saber, warp to the first workbench, and see if that way the bench thing works, just in case. If it doesn't work, hell, I give up and the problem is mine xD.

Originally Posted by DarthStoney View Post
I didn't even realize USM had some updatesbut I checked them and the only update to not use is #1 (the updated BaoDurr and Visas.dlg's),all the other ones you can just drop in your override folder(allowing them to overrite any files) after installing TSLRCM and the compatibility patch/installer for USM.
I'll have to go back merge the Newest USM dlg for Bao and Visas with TSLRCM's.
Well Stoney, first of all, congrats to you and the team for RCM. You deserve high praise for that. Just a matter though: I believe that some people (besides me) are having an issue in which the single-bladed sabers can't be built through Bao-Dur and Visas can't have her own custom built. I don't know much about modding, but it seems that is an dialog caused issue... just my opinion.
Well, let's see if i can get this to work.
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