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Just some context on the Russia-Chechnya issue - The Chechen-Russian conflict starts from way back in the Caucasian war. Russia was going through a stage of considerable imperialism and went to take some territory in the Caucasian mountains, Chechnya. As with many colonies subjected to imperialism, it was unfair and caused a lot of problems, including violation of right to freedom of religion at the time.

Later you get the 2 Chechen wars as Chechya wants independence from Russia. The first war ends in a treaty and Russia starts to act nice to Chechnya, giving economic aid. But Chechyna spends the money unwisely and gives it to its warlords, destroying its economy. Later on there's some terrorism in Russia and the 2nd Chechen war happens as Russia gets mad, lashing back in a brutal military operation.

So Russia comes back, gets control back of Chechnya (installing within in a pro-Moscow government), and now they're trying to negotiate again. Ultimately Chechnya wants to be independent from Russia, but I think that the country is too unstable to be able to secede from Russia yet.

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