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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
There is a difference between helping someone out and over staying your welcome. $714,719,392,956. U.S. dollars, over 4,287 American Soldiers lives and another 30,000 plus U.S. wounded is hardly what I would call cutting and running. The problem with installing a democracy is eventually you have to leave it up to the people to what they want from their government.
You misunderstand my intentions here. I fully agree we need to get out. But more to pointing that we need to make it stable first. The region would probably have been best if we hadn't been there. So in essence I agree with your Chechen proposal. But if we pull out without making sure that Iraq is stable, we not only violate the GC, but also risk Iraq turning into another Afghanistan. And to go in with high morals and good intentions to save teh Chechyns might leave us with another Iraq, where we're stuck cleaning up.

And some perspective... in 4 years of WWII we lost over 400,000. The number of deaths due to the Iraq war averages out to about 2 deaths per day. Vietnam was a full 13 times that(not including the MIA). The Korean was around 45 per day. The Civil war was around 600 per day. All told 4000+ is pretty low for a war this long. Not that I like to hear of deaths of fellow service members, but it seems that some have lost perspective of how relatively few deaths there have been.

Of course this is all tangental to the conversation, so feel free to cut where needed.

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