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We, over at the TTG forums have been updating the boxart for MI2:SE...

Hahaha... Thanks Irishmile!

...but seriously, check this out:

Originally Posted by Chyron8472
@TTG forums

okay, since no one has updated the Cover Art recently, I'm going to upload what I liked most about what we've done to it so far, after having found the source art on the net. ( )

First, the original art:

--Monkey's eyes focused on LeChuck (Spadge)
--LeChuck: improved face and beard (Fealiks)
--Old School Guybrush head, hands and visible torso [Parabolee (touch-ups by Chyron8472)]

I have two updated versions, since some people like LeChuck's eyes focused toward the camera, and I like them focused on the doll (Fealiks)....

Eyes on camera:

Eyes on the doll:

...btw, here's Purcell's art again:

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