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SWTFU for PC - No hilts?

Hello, I'm a new game owner, have just started playing the Ultimate Sith Edition for PC (loving it) and I've read that there are different lightsaber hilts to be found throughout the game for the player to use, even in single player campaign. Are they still in the game in the PC version or where they stripped?

I'm a bit unused to the menus in SWTFU and the menu controls; if I find a hilt in a level (so far zippo), how do I then switch between hilts? I've gone into the "LIGHTSABER" menu and looked beforehand, but the only submenus I can find there are for switching color crystals and power crystals, were's the menu for switching hilts?
Could it be that the menu for hilts is inaccessible until I have at least two?

Thankful for response, apologize if this sounds very basic
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