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I've done some of the stuff Stoffe's done, but also tinkered with the max probe bay and fuel tank size. Sure, it makes the upgrades for both useless, but it removes a major headache of flying back and forth to fuel depots all the time.

Also, I changed the speed at which you can move the cursor and turn the planet during scanning, turning a wrist-injuring tedious minigame into a slightly more humane, albeit still tedious minigame. I can barely imagine playing the game with scanning at vanilla settings.

Unfortunately, it's rather limited in what we can do, since most of the game is locked up tight, and we can only really mess with the coalesced.ini . Luckily, there's a bunch of stuff in there. Who knows, perhaps people have discovered some more things you can change in there, since when I was modding and playing the game, it was still extremely new.

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