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I thought you had to opt to get rid of them, not opt to keep them. Besides, wasting resources on the med bay for cosmetic improvements seems like such a waste when Shep has other priorities.

Originally Posted by D333
..added some shortcut keys to get minerals when needed
How exactly did you manage that (ie how did you edit the coalesced file)? Tried editing in binding options and can't get them to keep (though have been more successful w/other changes).

@Liver--if you haven't gone D3's route and found a way to bind resource keys, you can alter the following lines in the config file:

[SFXGame.BioPlanet] (lines 4791-95)
PlacedMineralsPool=25000 to 99999
ScanBarMaxMineralSize=1500 to 9999
EezoMineralsBase=1500 to 9999
RandomMineralsBase=350 to 999

at least you'll be able to scan fewer planets faster.

Also, if you bring over from ME, remember to change size of bonuses, really helps in beginning. Change numbers to your liking:

[SFXGameContent.SFXSeqAct_NewGameBonuses] (5071-79)
ME1ImportBonuses=(BonusMinLevel=1,BonusMaxLevel=49 ,XPBonus=1000,CreditsBonus=20000,ResourceBonus=250 0)
ME1ImportBonuses=(BonusMinLevel=50,BonusMaxLevel=5 9,XPBonus=2000,CreditsBonus=30000,ResourceBonus=50 00)
ME1ImportBonuses=(BonusMinLevel=60,BonusMaxLevel=6 0,XPBonus=4000,CreditsBonus=50000,ResourceBonus=10 000)
SecondPlaythrough_AchievementEnumID=ACHIEVEMENT_24 _COMPLETE

Only other thing in general. If you hate having to look for ammo clips or run out at inopportune times, edit the weapons section near the end of ME2's config file. Many of the guns have a line bInfiniteAmmo=?? When you change from false to true remember to add a space after the "e" before saving (something to do w/palcement..... if the option is 5 spaces and you only type in 4, ie false vs true, the file won't read it and the game won't start. At least that has been my experience thus far on that issue).

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