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Hmm. Years late on mybehalf for K1 and closing on 2 years for TSL...longer if you consider I had played a demo--legit or not is another quesiton.

K1: Thrilled it was an RPG since I'm typically an aciton/hacknslash/platformer player. I just always sort of wanted to check out and play K1 since first seeing it in spite of my criticism at the time--was still a original to prequel hardcore fan for a long time. So finally I got to playing... Loved how well made and put together it was.

So it worked out well. Took awhile but finally I beat the game as my schedule permitted. Loved every second of it. Sorta figured out the big secret before the revelation twist...I figured it out
Show spoiler

K2: Heard just so much negative about the game. For the longest time I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole. Then I came across a "demo" (details ABOUT which I'll leave out except for that it gave a tour of the prologue). Curiosity got the better of me, played it. Went on with life. Finally a couple years later I saw a copy of TSL for $20...had been starved of Kotor action for a while...Why not? Just don't expect it to be good all...expect it to be a piece of crap...KRIFE! No computer of my own for a while >_< ...........Got one....PLAYED BETTER THAN I EXPECTED!

Hunger for it helped make it better.....Even still, it was pretty darn good considering all things. The storyline jarred me to think. It was dark and philosophical. And it was so different form all other SW stories. The fact that all life was in danger of forever being consumed made it all that much better. It wasn't just the old lady, there was evidence to support that theory. Loved it. Went somewhere I never expected it to, especially for a sequel. It actually moved Revan aside and gave someone else a turn as well. Not something you get with the movies. HAHAHA.

And those new lightsaber colors, especially silver. Excellent.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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