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Terry Pratchett's Going Postal trailer

While Mojo is dying a comedy death I thought I would share some lighter news. I know there are a few Pratchett-fans on these forums, so this might be interesting to a couple of you. The creators of Hogfather (which I sort of liked) and Colour of Magic (which was sort of meh) have made Going Postal, to be broadcast somewhere in May. They finally released a trailer:
For those that don't know about the deal Mob Film and Sky One made with Pratchett: they are going to make at least several more movies. The next one will most likely be Sourcery (with David Jason returning as Rincewind and, yes, in 3D). Making Money and the yet to be written third Moist novel (Raising Taxes) are also pretty likely to be made into a movie. The idea is that they'll release one every year.

My thoughts about the trailer:
It all looks a bit Dr. Who to be honest, from the British television-quality lightning to the design and execution of the 'monsters'. I guess the golems could work but that banshee (I think?) is just crap. It's also a bit odd to have different actors for Vetinari and Ridcully after their pretty decent portrayal in the older Discworld movies, but it would be a bit unfair to judge them on that already. What does fill me with hope is the fact that both Vadim Jean (the director of the old movies) and David Jason (Albert/Rincewind, also had a lot of influence on the direction of Colour of Magic) have nothing to do with this production.

I'm a gigantic Pratchett-fan and I could find several things to like about the old productions, but after three movies I'm starting to wish they weren't quite so low-budget. But I'll try to keep an open mind. I think the best way to watch this would be with a couple of friends and a couple of beers to surpress my fanboyism (which after the first two movies and that trailer shouldn't be too difficult). At least the scenes with Sgt. Angua will be enjoyable:

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